Oh why hey there! My name is Mike Brun, and I have the personal honor of being in charge of the Creative direction here at Whence&Whither. A little about myself, I was born in New Ark, NJ... immediately shipped to Homestead, FL.... and later transported to my home Orlando, FL. My parents migrated to America from the beautiful country of Haiti. The one thing they preached was that if you worked hard enough, there's nothing you could not do. Being the offspring of a pastor and his first lady, Michael&Gertrude, I grew up under a radar. Part of that radar was being the best dressed, every Sunday. This later translated into personal lifestyle choices. I played almost any sport I could get my hands on, football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, you name it. One thing that I quickly became known for was being stylish on game day. 

Fast forward to my Freshman year in College, I found myself in Marshall, MO. I was playing Division II football in a very strange land. Reason after reason this proved to be the most trying times of my life. Staring at the four corners of my dorm I was lost, allowing myself to slip into the darkest parts of my imagination. Contemplating existence, practicing self-immolation, and drowning in my sorrows. I wasn't happy and needed change. So I made a list of everything that I loved and fashion was atop the list. So I moved to Tampa, FL; enrolled myself at the International Academy of Design & Technology, and never looked back.

So there I was... submerged in a new craft, forced completely out of my comfort zone, studying what seemed like a foreign language at the time. I had realized that the ability to focus on what I wanted from life became the most important skill I could harness; and in that focus I found myself. I had found the beauty in my Polarity. I realized I needed the Dark and much as I needed the Light. All of life's experiences poured through my pencil and provided the foundation for the brand I now call home. I allowed my PAST to be a tool to help paint a better picture of my FUTURE, Whence... &Whither. 

 So I guess that's my story, anything is possible if you're willing to commit everything to it and we're proving that everyday here. I stand here today and can proudly proclaim I am now #1 on that list of things I love. If I could pull myself from that dark space and find a new life, a life I could love, a life I could cherish... then you can too. Faith... Faith is the moving elixir of all achievement. Before you can attain anything, you have to believe you can achieve it. They say the man who says he "can" and the man who says he "can't" are both correct. You have to make a decision. It starts with a thought, and that seed of thought germinates and transmutes itself into things, if and only if you are willing to reap what you've sewn. We are in the elementary stages of understanding all that the brain is capable of. There is an infinite source, an abundance, and we are directly linked to it! With that said, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Keep Faith,

The Good People at Whence&Whither