Formulaic Success

What would you need to achieve, 
To consider yourself a success,
What have you been made to believe,
Are the answers to that test.
What if the games been deceived,
What if what your mind conceives,
Can become reality,
If you just trust.
One night Napoleon Hill came to me,
He told me truths,
You can believe,
There's steps to what 
Commands your dreams.
To set them free just plan it,
You don’t have to understand it.
The universe will make a way.
12 steps to Success
Inspired by Andrew Carnegie
Actualized Napoleon Hill
Curated by Mike Brun
Always Keep Faith
  • Before anyone can see it,
    You must see it.
Follow Your Heart
  • All who succeed must have 
    a burning desire to win.
Remove All Fear
  • Every person who has accomplished things 
    in life had gotten off to a bad start. 
    Keep Going.
Fail To Succeed
  • Speaks words of gratitude. 
    The words you speak are just as 
    important as the work you do.
Master your Craft
  • It is more beneficial to know
    a lot about a few things, 
    than a few things about a lot.
Realize Your Genius
  • Your creative genius isn’t of you, 
    it comes to aide you. 
    Take the pressure off.
Doubt Kills Dreams
  • Come to decisions quickly 
    and change them slowly, 
    but leave room for improvement.
Focus Your Desires
  • Organize practical plans 
    and execute with intention.
Winners Never Quit
  • Quitters never win
Teams Build Dreams
  • Focus on what your talents are 
    and outsource the rest. 
Live For Love
  • Learn to allow love to propel 
    you to greater heights. 
Thoughts Are Things
  • Your thoughts are energy. 
    You can bring that energy 
    into physical form. The trick is 
    to treat it like a garden spot. 
    Remove the weeds (doubt) and 
    plant more fertile seeds (faith).
Mike Brun