Hello and Welcome!
We are truly grateful for this opportunity. 
To express life with you.
I believe we’ve found each other for a purpose.
You need our energy and we need your faith. 
So I’m sure you’re wondering what this is about.
Let me explain:
Whence&Whither is a ‘Philosophy Brand‘
Our mission is to elevate planetary consciousness.
Meaning we wish to share the responsibility. 
Being a ripple.
A catalyst of change. 
Reaching all four corners of the Earth.
The culmination of nature and technology.
The balancing of human nature. 
The Synthesis to man’s Antithesis.
So what’s the plan? Where do we start?
Within ourselves. 
Within each and every one of you holds a seed.
A seed in which needs water and intention.
And if nurtured holds infinite potential.
The possibility for impossibilities.
So our job is to share how we tend to our seeds.
And your job is to share how you tend to yours. 
Keep Faith,
The Faithful Brand
Mike Brun