Team Colors

There are two sides to everything
An action & a reaction
Constantly shifting & evolving
Waxing, Waning, Pushing, Pulling
To find ourselves we must decide
What each side means to us
Does they mean anything at all
Black & White
The Pursuit of Happiness
Or the Pursuit of Nothing
In life we are constantly searching 
These truths build us
It is our job to learn our history
From Whence we came
Black represent the raw you
On the inside we are all the same
Yet birthed by a different womb
Knowing your roots is key
But evolving is just as important
Remaining anchored & reaching forward

Whither are we bound
White represents the light
The beacon of hope cast round  
illuminating our inner sight
The future & the past
Technology & nature
Balanced in it all
Keep Faith,
The Faithful Brand
Mike BrunComment